What is it like to be a high roller

Gambling, tournaments and large online casinos simply cannot exist without the so-called "whales" that play with the highest stakes. Million bets are not a problem for these players. But gambling wouldn't be what it is without exciting stories of high rollers catching or shelling out huge amounts of money by playing poker, blackjack, roulette or slot machines. But why are these people so special, and what helped them go down in history? Read here.

Who is a high roller

The most common high roller cliché we hear a lot is that high rollers are extremely wealthy, and this often turns out to be true. However, the classic tuxedo business tycoon look that bets on a million dollars is not as common today as it used to be. Many young players have become experienced high rollers after playing a few online casino games. Poker players such as Fedor Holtz, Victor Blom and Tom Dwan started out with online casinos and then reached the top both in the online space and in the real world of gambling. Most of them started out with small bets and tiny bankrolls and then continued to grow very quickly.

High rollers are also wealthy businessmen. The fattest whales are usually from Asia. Their starting point for rates is over $ 10,000. The casino bonus is not enough to retain such customers. On the other hand, bringing a high roller to the game can even out the costs of the casino.

Almost anyone who bets big can be considered a high roller. The reality is that most successful players spend a fortune trying to get a great gaming experience. But it takes time and passion to achieve this goal! High rollers are like children on a Ferris wheel - they experience constant ups and downs that allow them to see the entire landscape of the game and carefully develop their own unique strategy.

There are two types of high rollers. The first one is wealthy people who prefer to gather in land-based casinos with cash. They feel safe even if they lose a lot of money. And the second type is professional players, whose bankrolls are formed by a series of constant wins. They always try their luck, train their skills, often they can be the players who first became famous at the dawn of online poker.

The difference between these two categories lies in their relationship to the game. The first type of high roller is played mainly for personal entertainment. Thus, in addition to their bottomless reserves, if they win large sums of money, they see the winnings as a bonus. But to cope with the game, you need nerves and a smart head.

High rollers who treat the game like a sport are a little different from rich amateurs. For them, the amount of the win does not really matter, the only thing that worries them is the win itself. Thinking about strategies, hosting tournaments around the world, and signing up for labels like Poker Stars is more tempting than private parties. To be the best and win another WSOP are tempting goals that every professional player tries to achieve.

Famous high rollers
The list of outstanding gambling personalities is actually huge. Rumors of their success are spreading at the speed of light. Both traditional and online casinos play exceptional talents whose dazzling winnings encourage people to try their luck at gambling. Some stories are hard to believe, but they did happen in reality, offering a good plot for Hollywood movie scripts.

Isildur1. Viktor Blom, known by his pseudonym Isildur1, always plays for high stakes. He won over $ 4,000,000. This player makes the highest stakes in online poker history. Victor is a passionate card player who loves to tickle the nerves of his opponents.

Ashley Revell. He is an extremely confident gambler from Britain who sold his house for $ 135,000 and invested everything in gambling. Ashley eventually won $ 270,000. After that, he became a living legend of the Las Vegas casinos. This event became the basis of the plot of the series Double or Nothing, filmed by the British television channel Sky One.

Ben Affleck. Being a celebrity can be boring, and games are a sweet escape from the red carpet. His $ 800,000 win puts him in the list of the best celebrity high rollers of all time.

Charles Caborne. The 19th century was full of scammers who were lucky enough to cheat casinos. This very special £ 400 bankroll high roller won 1 million francs (over $ 500,000) overnight by breaking the casino bank.

Sultan of Brunei. This man is known for his incredible rates. When you have a fortune of $ 5 billion, making a $ 250K bet is not a problem, whether you win or lose. The excitement of the game makes the roulette wheel spin.

There are many amazing legends out there that grab your attention. They all show what to be high rollerball is not only money and huge bets. Everyone can reach this level if they only put in the effort! Just get a feel for the game and always trust your strengths. Nowadays, online casino gambling offers many opportunities for young dreamers as soon as they decide to enter the big game. Starting with a small bankroll, you can finally get to the point where you make a huge breakout. Just try it, and never let loss take you down. Keep playing!

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